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There are many interpretations of the bible, which readers may accept or reject based on their beliefs. Bible study is an app for Android that gives you access to the complete Sacred Book Along with the opinions of millions of users that are studying it.

The app divides the screen into two. The same text appears on both sides, with the option of adding notes to one of the texts. Furthermore, you are able to search for all the instances in which any world appears in the book. You can also highlight the lines you find important.

Additionally, a little number is found at the end of all the phrases of this digital Bible. Clicking on it allows you to see all the notes left by other students regarding the corresponding phrase, helping you to understand it better.

If you only want to investigate a certain chapter, Bible Study is divided into books and sections, so that you only have to click on the part that you want in order to start studying that particular section

Requires Android 4.0 or higher